Services and Prices

Individual Services 

  • Initial standard consultation (60 min) - $130

  • Standard therapy session (45 min) - $110

  • Essential fortnightly/monthly caregiver consultation (60 minutes) -$110 

  • School meeting on request (30 min) - $56 (travel costs may apply - audio or videoconferencing available) 

 Phone and Email Services 

  • Updates to caregivers and schools via phone and email - short calls (up to 20 minutes) no charge  

Group Services 

  • Private Groups - $110 per child for one module (5 sessions). Click Here to enrol in programme. 

  • School based group work - $1000 per module (5 sessions). Please Contact Us directly if you are enquiring about running this programme at a school.

  • Group information sessions and workshops for parents and caregivers - TBC. Please contact us for more information or click here to register your interest.   


  • Reports available on request. Charges will be determined based on time required.