Highway Heroes is a fantastic programme developed by BEST Programme 4 Kids'  to equip trained professionals with the tools to deliver a comprehensive behavioural, emotional and social skills programme to children years 1-3 and 4-6. Highway Heroes was developed by two passionate highly skilled mental health specialists; Claire Orange (Speech Pathologist) and Helen Davidson (Occupational Therapist) for teachers and therapists to implement in a classroom or small group setting. 


Wheatbelt Occupational Therapy believe in this programme and the work Claire and Helen are doing. Which is why Highway Heroes is our social skills programme of choice. 


We are equipped and able to implement the following modules: 

 Module 1: Beating Bullying and Taming Teasing (5 sessions) 

  • Learn to differentiate between teasing and bullying. 

  • Develop tools to effectively assert self when bullied.   

Module 2: Playground Resilience & Wisdom (5 sessions) 

  • Targets the complexities of friends and friendship issues. 

  • Teaches children strategies to positively and proactively manage conflict amongst  friends. 

Module 3: Tricks 4 Getting Things Done (5 sessions) 

  • Looks at planning, organisation, goal setting supported by the qualities of persistence, grit, on-task behaviour and self-management skills.

Module 4: Strategies 4 Managing Me (5 sessions) 

  • Development of emotional self-management tools to assist with calming, emotional self-monitoring, bouncing back, avoiding over-excitability and emotional overwhelm.

NOTE: the above modules can be delivered consecutively or as as stand-alone programme. 

Children are innately driven to experience, grow and maintain meaningful relationships but it is up to us, the adults, to ensure they are learning how to do this in a healthy and positive way.

Social & Emotional Skills 

Children with positive self-worth feel worthy of making friends, forgiveness when they make mistakes, performing well at school, feeling heard and being treated with respect. Unfortunately, not all children feel this  way about themselves and may require additional support before working on their social skills. However, even children with healthy self-worth can find the complex and dynamic social world surrounding them difficult to navigate at times.     

If you know a child who could benefit from this social skills programme click the link below and complete an enrolment form. Please note: programmes are run based on demand.

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Sensory Integration (SI) Based Approaches

We use a SI-based approach to help shape each child's individual therapy plan. Understanding how a child processes sensory information can help them to regulate their emotions, arousal and attention levels more effectively which will improve their ability to concentrate & learn, control behaviour and develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

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Caregiver Meetings, Workshops &



In addition to regular meetings with parents and caregivers we offer a range of workshops which can be delivered one-on-one or in a group setting. 

Child Centred Play Therapy

Child Centred Play Therapy  

A powerful modality used in individual therapy sessions with children as young as 2.5 years up to 11-12 years of age. Child Centred Play Therapy is a developmental appropriate way of supporting children dealing with a range of personal challenges and struggles through play and creative expression.