Our Services  

The services Wheatbelt Occupational Therapy offer aim to promote social–emotional learning; regulate overactive or under active sensory systems; and through collaboration with families and medical or educational professionals develop emotional supports, structure, and effective child-centred behaviour management systems.

Our Therapeutic Focus  

In addition to our clients individual therapy goals, we strive to support children in the following areas:   

  • Improving communication between a child their family and significant others by developing the ability to express thoughts, feelings and beliefs more effectively,

  • learning how to express deep emotions while controlling actions,

  • developing the ability to make appropriate choices and decisions,

  • developing self-control and self-responsibility,

  • feeling in control of troubling situations,

  • developing healthier self-esteem including positive self-talk and greater sense of self-worth, and 

  • increasing empathy for others.

How We Do This

Wheatbelt Occupational Therapy use a number of approaches when working with our clients. Each approach can be used on its own or as a part of a more comprehensive therapeutic plan.

We are passionate about the following approaches: 

Boy Doodling

Child Centred Play Therapy  

A powerful modality used in individual therapy sessions with children as young as 2.5 years up to 11-12 years of age. Child Centred Play Therapy is a developmental appropriate way of supporting children dealing with a range of personal challenges and struggles through play and creative expression.  

Social Skills; Friendships & Bullying

Social & Emotional


We offer fun 

group programmes for children years 1 to 6 aimed at helping them learn the skil​​ls they need to build resilience and effectively manage their emotions, behaviour and relationships.

Sensory Play

Sensory Integration (SI) Based Approaches

We use a SI-based approach to help shape each child's individual therapy plan. Understanding how a child processes sensory information can help them to regulate their emotions, arousal and attention levels more effectively which will improve their ability to concentrate & learn, control behaviour and develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

Narrogin workshops and support for parents

Caregiver Meetings, Workshops &



In addition to regular meetings with parents and caregivers we offer a range of workshops which can be delivered one-on-one or in a group setting.